Today in Madonna History: January 7, 1998

On January 7 1998, filming began for Madonna’s Frozen music video in the California desert with director Chris Cunningham.

Cunningham recalled the initial concept for the video in his book, Directors Label:

“The original treatment was, like, massive piles of bodies in the desert. All these figurative sculptures made up of bodies that were all multiple Madonnas. They were all going to split and break up and change into ravens and then change into dogs. Just a performance video, but a really elaborate one using her, her clothes, and any shapes that would come out of her clothes.”

2 responses

  1. I remember when MTV played videos and Kurt Loder gave great interviews with Madonna. He did an entire special with Ray of Light and her turning 40. This was around the time she changed again and went to electronic music. I always wished that the entire 11 munute version of the song Ray of Light was released. There were plans for Veronica Electronica, but it didn’t happen.

    Madonna also joined the Kabbalah around this time also, and she embarked on a spiritual journey, hence the album Ray of Light. I remember her saying it was horrible filming this video due to the cold rains in the Mojave Desert and she got sick. I believe she said originally she wanted to go to Iceland or Greenland to film the video due to the cold weather, but her busy schedule didn’t allow that. She did get the cold in the Desert though. Her best album of the 1990’s.

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