Today in Madonna History: January 6, 1993


On January 6 1993, Madonna’s Erotica album was certified double-platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for sales of 2 million units in the USA.

What is your favourite track from Erotica?

9 responses

    • I love Secret Garden!! It’s got that late night jazz club feel to it. Usually the last 2 tracks are the best on her records.

      • Couldn’t agree more. Starting with Spanish Eyes, she mostly ends her albums with profoundly reflective ballads.

  1. Secret Garden as well maybe? Remember hearing it played on a radio station the day before the album was released and it blew me away because it was so unusual and cool

  2. This album like American Life was underrated at the time of its release. I love the rawness she incorporated onto this record. My all time favourites from Erotica are Bad Girl, Secret Garden, Deeper and Deeper, Rain, Fever, and Where Life Begins. This album pushed boundaries making the uptight USA wake up about sex. Like Madonna said when MTV banned Justify my Love “America would rather see violence than sex”. She was right!! I also love the remixes back when they were very good. Now her mixes aren’t as good in my opinion.

  3. Double platinum in just a few months and was considered a failure at the time. Fave track would be Erotica. Then Rain.

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