Today in Madonna History: January 8, 1983

Everybody France 7-inch 550 2Everybody US 7-inch single

On January 8 1983, Everybody peaked at number-three on the US Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart. It would remain locked in that position for three weeks before quickly descending. Then known as Hot Dance/Disco, it was Madonna’s first appearance on the chart that she continues to rule today, with a total of 46 number-one hits under her belt (as of July 2015).

Long live the Dancing Queen!

2 responses

  1. You guys should update your day in history. She has 49 #1 Dance singles now and if the 4th single “I don’t Search I find” makes it to number it will be 50. I believe IDSIF remixes 2 come out January 10. I can’t wait to hear the mixes for God Control, Future and Extreme Occident. I hope she keeps releasing singles from her best album of the 2p10s.

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