Today in Madonna History: October 4, 2009

madonna-lady-gaga-000 madonna-lady-gaga-001 madonna-lady-gaga-001b madonna-lady-gaga-002 madonna-lady-gaga-004 madonna-lady-gaga-005

On October 4 2009, the media reported on the Saturday Night Live skit with Madonna and Lady Gaga from the night before.

Gaga was the musical guest and the show host was Ryan Reynolds.


2 responses

  1. Her later appearances on Saturday Night Live just didn’t have the wit or humor of her appearances in the 80’s and 90’s, like being in Wayne’s dream on Wayne’s World to promote “Justify My Love,” or appearing with Roseanne on Coffee Talk where Barbara Streisand crashes the segment in the end, or singing Happy Inauguration Day, Mr. President to Bill Clinton.

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