Today in Madonna History: October 5, 1999


On October 5 1999, Madonna’s The Video Collection 92:99 was originally scheduled to be released, but was later renamed The Video Collection 93:99 and was finally released on November 2 1999.

The original release was planned to include the Erotica music video, but excluded the video for The Power of Good-Bye. The actual release excluded Erotica, and added The Power of Good-Bye to the collection.

The following music videos were included in 93:99

Bad Girl
Take A Bow
Bedtime Story
Human Nature
Love Don’t Live Here Anymore
Ray Of Light
Drowned World/Substitute For Love
The Power Of Good-Bye
Nothing Really Matters
Beautiful Stranger

Were there any missing music videos that you thought deserved to be included in 93:99?

3 responses

  1. Well this was a dumb marketing ploy since her GHV2 was due in 2001. It should’ve coincided with GHV2 and been 92:01 and included her hits from This used to be my playground until Impressive Instant and two new songs. GHV2 would’ve faired much much better if the record company wouldn’t have been in such a rush. Or they couldve released GHV2 in fall 1999 with 2 new songs to end the 90s decade. Every since money hungry Oseary joined he has ruined m.

  2. Good thing we have YouTube now. We don’t have to rely on crap releases like this to see M’s awesome videos. Oh well, if only they uploaded HD versions on YT though.

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