Today in Madonna History: June 23, 1990

breathless1 breathless2 breathless3 breathless4 breathless5 breathless6 breathless7

On June 23 1990, Madonna’s I’m Breathless: Music from and Inspired by the Film Dick Tracy hit #2 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart in the USA.

After the filming of Dick Tracy was complete, Madonna began work on the film’s soundrack, with songwriter Stephen Sondheim, producer Patrick Leonard and engineer Bill Bottrell. She also worked with producer Shep Pettibone on the album’s first single, Vogue. The album was recorded within three weeks in California.

2 responses

  1. People this is a studio album not a soundtrack!!! The soundtrack are the songs from the film. The score is also avaialble. I’m Breathless is a studio album that contains 3 songs from the film and are all performed by Madonna inspired by the film with a show tune vibe, making it her 5th studio album!! I remember when it came it in May 1990 people called it the 5th studio album by Madonna!!! So Madame X is her 15th studio album!!!

  2. I agree! I’m Breathless is a brilliant record in its own right because some of Madonna’s best songs are on this album namely Sondheim ballad Sooner or Later, ballad for Sean Something to Remember and immortal #1 hit Vogue. Madonna did a brilliant job on I’m Breathless!

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