Today In Madonna History: February 13, 1999

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On February 13 1999, Madonna’s music video for Nothing Really Matters premiered on MTV.

The video was directed by Johan Renck and filmed in January 1999 at the Silvercup Studios in Long Island City, New York.

The kimono Madonna wore in the video was created by Jean-Paul Gaultier.  

Madonna stated that the inspiration behind the video was from the 1996 novel Memoirs of a Geisha. Madonna later stated; “The whole idea of a geisha is a straight metaphor for being an [entertainer] because, on one hand you’re privileged to be a geisha, but on the other hand you’re a prisoner.” Madonna also choreographed her own moves on the video, as she stated “I don’t like how other people say how I should move, I’m my own best choreographer.”

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