Today in Madonna History: March 2, 2012

madonna-girl-gone-wild-single-1 madonna-girl-gone-wild-single-2

On March 2 2012, Madonna’s Girl Gone Wild single was released by Interscope Records. Girl Gone Wild was the second single to be released from the MDNA album.

Madonna co-wrote the song with Benny Benassi, his cousin Alle Benassi (known together as the Benassi Bros.), and songwriter Jenson Vaughan.

The CD single included:
Album Version – 3:43
Justin Cognito Extended Remix – 4:48

The CD Maxi-Single and iTunes Digital Remixes included:
Madonna vs Avicii – Avicii’s UMF Mix – 5:16
Dave Audé Remix – 8:05
Justin Cognito Remix – 4:48
Kim Fai Remix – 6:33
Lucky Date Remix – 5:06
Offer Nissim Remix – 6:49
Dada Life Remix – 5:15
Rebirth Remix – 6:49

Today in Madonna History: February 27, 2012

madonna-girl-gone-wild-lyric-video-1 madonna-girl-gone-wild-lyric-video-2 madonna-girl-gone-wild-lyric-video-3 madonna-girl-gone-wild-lyric-video-4 madonna-girl-gone-wild-lyric-video-5

On February 27 2012, a lyric video for Madonna’s Girl Gone Wild single was released.

The full official video debuted on E! News on March 20, 2012.

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