Today in Madonna History: February 27, 2012

madonna-girl-gone-wild-lyric-video-1 madonna-girl-gone-wild-lyric-video-2 madonna-girl-gone-wild-lyric-video-3 madonna-girl-gone-wild-lyric-video-4 madonna-girl-gone-wild-lyric-video-5

On February 27 2012, a lyric video for Madonna’s Girl Gone Wild single was released.

The full official video debuted on E! News on March 20, 2012.

One response

  1. Enter Madonna-Girl Gone Wild-She may be looking for a good time but underneath the Material Girl personae is a venomous Rebel Heart! Madonna prays to God-“I Want so badly to be good!”-but Madonna damn well knows that love has haunted her soul that Our Lady is stuck in a living hell! Exit-Guy Ritchie.

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