Today in Madonna History: December 14, 1985

dress you up - uk

On December 14 1985, Dress You Up peaked at #5 on the UK singles chart.

It was Madonna’s eighth UK Top-5 hit of 1985:

  1. Like A Virgin  #3
  2. Material Girl  #3
  3. Crazy For You  #2
  4. Into The Groove  #1
  5. Holiday (re-release)  #2
  6. Angel  #5
  7. Gambler  #4
  8. Dress You Up  #5

3 responses

  1. Although I enjoy her older music, I prefer her music from Erotica onward. Looking back at Rebel Heart the album, I truly believe she was going for a double album set in a theme. I think had her music not been stolen she would’ve had 20 songs about the affairs of the Heart and 20 more songs about our rebellious side. Years from now RH may go down in history as one of her best pieces of art.

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