Today in Madonna History: December 13, 1990

On December 13 1990, Madonna’s Blond Ambition World Tour Live was released exclusively on LaserDisc by the trek’s sponsor, Pioneer.

Recorded at the final show in Nice, France, the concert had originally aired as a live HBO special in the U.S.

The LaserDisc release would go on to win a Grammy award (Madonna’s first) for Best Music Video, Long Form in 1991.

3 responses

  1. Keep it Together like Rescue Me, and Hanky Panky are three often forgotten gems released in the early Nineties. All three of these songs should’ve had an accompanying video, and they may have hit top Five. Rescue Me has never been performed live even though fans have asked while Keep it Together was last heard live on the Blonde Ambition Tour back in ’90.

  2. I would’ve loved to have seen a video for “Hanky Panky” –and not just concert footage. It would’ve been great to see her Breathless Mahoney character performing it.

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