Today in Madonna History: August 16, 2021

On August 16 2021, Madonna re-signed with Warner Bros. Records, the label controlling the bulk of her catalogue of music. This follows a thirteen-year period that essentially saw Madonna releasing her new music independently with distribution through Interscope Records, via her 360 deal with Live Nation. She retained the rights to the masters of the three albums released since her departure from Warner, and the new deal sees licensing rights for these albums revert to Warner in 2025.

Also announced are plans for Warner Rhino to reissue Madonna’s albums as deluxe editions – something fans have long requested and is frankly long overdue considering her stature and influence on popular music over the past 39 years, not to mention the wealth of unavailable and unreleased material in the vault.

Congrats to Madonna and Guy Oseary for recognizing the value and support that Warner has consistently brought to Madonna’s recording career; having all of her recorded works on the same label is as much a score for fans as it is for both Madonna and Warner Bros.

5 responses

  1. Knew this was coming. Great news. Hope for remixes expanded editions of albums. A great body of work that deserves top notch treatment

  2. There has been no mention of new material or tours. I hope this deal she signed to has her doing 3 new studio albums in 10 years with 4 tours, but i think she’s semi-retired now. She’s worked her ass off since the late 1970’s and now she’s enjoying her life without obligations. If she doesn’t make any new albums then she’ll still make millions from her extensive catalogue of songs that she has under her publishing. Smart woman to get her name on a song even if she just wrote 1 sentence or changed a lyric. Also, i don’t believe anything Guy O’Seary says. He never has liked madonna’s fans and has a reputation for being rude to them.

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