Today in Madonna History: May 24, 1989

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On May 24 1989, Madonna participated in the Don’t Bungle The Jungle benefit concert to raise money and awareness for preserving the world’s rainforests.  The event took place at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, NY. Madonna performed a rendition of Sonny & Cher’s I Got You Babe with comedian and friend Sandra Bernhard.

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  1. Is that Debi Mazar in the group photo? I really admire her. She’s the only one who lasted as a friend to Madonna. She must be a very patient and understanding person. 🙂

    • Yep it’s Debi. It’s not our business to know why they are still friends and other’s aren’t anymore. My bet is that they were Pre-fame friends. Debi never expected anything more from M. Still we are just fans. Not our business.

      • Of course. Just wondering. I don’t necessarily want to know beyond the fact that they’re still friends.

      • I’m old school Madonna. Top song is still Like a Prayer, top performance is a toss up between Sooner or Later at the Oscars & Express Yourself at the VMAs, & top memory is Rebel Heart Tour because it’s the only time I saw her in person (Madonna’s been to my country just once!). Yours?

      • Top song-Into the Groove (NOT the You can dance version)! Favorite Live performance would be “The Look of Love” at Texas Stadium. First time I saw her live and it just solidified my adoration. Favorite tour would still be BA. Makes me sound like a fan of only the older stuff. I love most of what M has done. The Madame X tour was beyond brilliant. I did love the RH tour as well. What country do you live in?

      • Yeah, BA was a game changer. Nothing beats the original. I totally dig Madame X too. Extreme Occident is my fave track. Too bad it’s M’s most polarizing album. I know fans who hate it with a vengeance. I’m from the Philippines. M did Crazy For You here as the request song and dedicated it to her Filipino fans. I’d say that’s my most memorable M moment. I had tears and goosebumps.

      • So cool! I saw the opening night of RIT in LA and when she did Crazy for You my friend Jennifer and I both got all teary eyed and hugged each other. Was a great night! My fave off of Madame X is probably God Control or Looking for Mercy. It is a very specific album. I love it for that…So what’s next!

      • I came across a video of The Look of Love and remembered you. 🙂 What’s next? We’ll never know with Madonna. I think she has a new recording contract? One thing sure, she ain’t done.

      • Aw! That makes me smile. She’s not done by a long shot. I’ll give her time to see what she wants to do next. Have you been watching Bitch She’s Madonna on youtube? It’s a lot of fun.

    • I’m just glad they are still friends! And you are the first person to reply to anything I have commented on. Thank you! Don’t understand why Madonna fans are so distant to others.

  2. Always on the right side of history. ALWAYS. And yet she is constantly bashed. I would guess mainly because she hasn’t died. So fuck those who choose to ignore her talent or at least her legend. It’s their loss.

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