Today in Madonna History: February 9, 1995

madonna-girlie-show-live-down-under-1 madonna-girlie-show-live-down-under-2

On February 9 1995, Madonna: The Girlie Show – Live Down Under video was certified gold for sales of 50,000 units in the USA.

Originally released on home video and laser disc in 1994, it later became Madonna’s first commercially available DVD – and one of the first concert DVD’s marketed by Warner-Reprise Video – when it was reissued in the format in 1997.

2 responses

  1. This was the last tour where her brother designed her set I believe. Starting with Drowned World she began working with Jamie King, and he did well at first, but the MDMA, and Rebel Heart Tour were not as good as the 90s and 00s tours. I hope that after she heals up she’ll embark on a stadium tour or do another wind of Madame X and hit Asia, Australia and LatAm. I am surprised she didn’t get a new package deal from Live Nation and Interscope for another 10 years of tours and 3 studio albums.

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