Today in Madonna History: December 13, 2019

On December 13 2019, it was announced that Danny Aiello, who played the part of Madonna’s father in her Papa Don’t Preach music video, had died the day before in New Jersey at the age of 86. Danny was best known for his roles in Do The Right Thing, Moonstruck and The Godfather Part II.

2 responses

  1. This got me thinking about Madonna’s real father Silvio Ciccione who is now 88 years old as of June 6. I believe aging scares the hell out of Madonna, and she says she doesn’t look back, but it’s obvious sbe does when she reuses song lyrics in newer songs. I wonder what will happen when the pillar of her family passes away? I think Madonna will slow down more and concentrate on her 4 adopted kids in the coming decade.

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