Today in Madonna History: July 24, 1999

beautiful stranger single

On July 24 1999, Beautiful Stranger reached its peak position of #19 on the Billboard Hot 100. This was based on the strength of airplay alone, as Maverick Records opted to boost sales of the Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me soundtrack album by not releasing the song as a physical single in the US. Had it been issued commercially, it would have easily given Madonna another Top 10 hit. The single was released in most major markets outside the US including Canada, Europe, Australia and Japan.

2 responses

  1. The story of the Beautiful Stranger is the story of Madonna herself! She came from the Michigan streets of Detroit with a dream-to best the best artist and rocker in the world! Madonna has realized her dream! All I can say to that is “Yeah, baby!”

  2. Warner got sloppy with her singles after Ray of Light. Nothing Really Matters single came out months later and the song hit 93 i believe. Beautiful Stranger didn’t get a single, American Pie didn’t get a single and the maxi single came in April. Impressive Instant didn’t get a single. Hey You in 2007 didn’t get a single release but had strong radio play. No wonder she left Warner. She could’ve had more top 10s and #¹s had they been prompt. Luckily she still hits the dance and adult charts. Medellín, I Rise, Crave, God Control, Future, Batuka, and Dark Ballet are doing well on various charts. Faz Gostoso will be a huge hit if she and Anitta will team up.

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