Today In Madonna History: May 22, 1990

imbreathless_1 imbreathless_2 imbreathless_3 imbreathless_4imbreathless_5

On May 22 1990, Madonna’s I’m Breathless: Music From And Inspired By The Film Dick Tracy album was released.

In the December 1994 issue of Q magazine, Madonna declared:

“I would have to say the favourite record that I’ve made is the soundtrack to Dick Tracy (“I’m Breathless”). I love every one of those songs… My judgement is never based on the world’s reaction.”

3 responses

  1. First of all “I’m Breathless” is Madonna’s 5th studio album. I remember buying this record back in middle school. When it was released they called it the 5th studio album by Madonna. Why? The film Dick Tracy has a soundtrack, and a score. All 12 songs on I’m Breathless are performed by Madonna except for a couple duets with Mandy and Warren. 3 songs More, Sooner or Later and What can You Lose appear in the film, but are still Madonna songs. Who’s that Girl is a soundtrack because it only includes 4 Original Madonna songs and 5 songs by other artists. That being said, I am not sure who the hell decided it was a soundtrack, but it isn’t. Madame X will be her 15th studio album, and not her 14th. Next year this album will turn 30 so like Like a Prayer I hope it gets revamped and remastered. I hope both get physical releases.

  2. Right or wrong, I think its regarded as more of a novelty than an actual studio album. I’m Breathless and Dick Tracy definitely don’t get the respect they deserve and people seem to look back at the movie as a bomb, which it wasn’t at all. I’m surprised it didn’t find a second life on TV playing at Christmas or New Years like some other movies have.

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