Today in Madonna History: May 11, 1987

On May 11 1987, Madonna and Griffin Dunne were featured on the cover of People Magazine with a photo taken from the then-forthcoming film, Who’s That Girl.

In May 2014, Griffin was asked the following question by Melissa Parker (Smashing Interviews Magazine):

Was Madonna difficult to work with in Who’s That Girl?

Griffin Dunne: No, not at all. She was very funny. We actually had a lot of laughs making that movie. She was just enormously famous. I think all of our scenes that were shot outdoors had to be re-recorded because the sky was just filled with helicopters, and photographers followed her everywhere she went. But she had a real sense of humor about it. She enjoyed all that, I thought, in a pretty healthy way.

2 responses

  1. I still haven’t seen the movie but Who’s That Girl? will not fade in time and space! I absolutely love sad ballad The Look of Love-one of Madonna’s most beautiful songs she’s ever done!

  2. I always liked the Who’s That Girl movie. I think it would have worked better if Madonna had used a normal voice. Sometimes she talked in this high pitched, baby-girl voice that kinda hurt her believability. But still she’s got several great scenes where she’s very good and very funny. The end scene where she’s at the penthouse wearing that white dress is a great scene.

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