Today In Madonna History: March 19, 1996


On March 19, 1996, Madonna’s Love Don’t Live Here Anymore (a remixed version of 1978 Rose Royce song originally recorded by Madonna in 1984 on Like A Virgin album) was released as a US single, from the ballads collection, Something to Remember.

One response

  1. One of Madonna’s most haunted and emotional ballads and performances, Love Don’t Live Here Anymore is a now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t-I-didn’t-know-she-could-do-that-when-a-cover-is-not-a-cover sad ballad a la Ciccone. Madonna completely gives her all in this Detroit performance because it only reminded her of her mother’s death. The song is hers from this point on because never have I seen Madonna more sad, haunted and dejected about her oftentimes sad life. But that is when I think Madonna’s at her absolute best! She is able to convey sadness with such raw emotion that people like Madonna only come along once in a lifetime. She is that good and brilliant!

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