Today In Madonna History: March 18, 1995

madonna-bedtime-story-pajama-party-mtv-3 madonna-bedtime-story-pajama-party-mtv-4 Madonna madonna-bedtime-story-pajama-party-mtv-6

On March 18 1995,  Madonna hosted a pajama party for 1,500 fans at Webster Hall, in New York, to celebrate the premiere of the Bedtime Story music video broadcast live on MTV. During the party, Madonna also read a bedtime story of Miss Spider’s Tea Party by David Kirk.

2 responses

  1. Bedtime Stories-her most honest and underrated record-Key chapters-Survival, Inside of Me, Human Nature, the I’m-All-Still-Wet title piece and classic #1 hit ballad Take a Bow. My fave Madonna Record Artwork!

  2. As I was Leaving Webster Hall the same night Madonna was to appear and promote her Album “Bedtime Stories; I could remember as if is was yesterday. I was leaving Webster Hall with a Lady I was dancing with but she left so fast and asked me catch up with her, as I walk down the stairs that night Madonna was to appear to promote her latest Album :Bedtime Stories”, I could remember a Black Limo pullup and a short blond head women got out and walked right into me. I dId not know at the time it was Madonna, but as I turn around also a little drunk; I asked my self who the hell is that women bumping into me like that and know say that she was sorry. She Also turn around an looked at me and smile the n walking into Webster Hall. I continued on walking to later find the young lady I was dancing with and went to another Night Club that wasn’t so jammed packed that nigh; the other Night Club was “Limelight”, and that Club also packed but we got in and danced for some time. I wonder I f Madonna remember bumping into a Stranger dress in Black (like The Matrix).

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