Today In Madonna History: February 25, 1992


On February 25 1992, Madonna: Blond Ambition World Tour Live won Best Music Video – Long Form at the 34th annual Grammy Awards at Radio City Music Hall in New York. The tour was exclusively released on Pioneer LaserDisc.

Fans would love for Blond Ambition to be released on DVD and Blu Ray with a live CD companion!

2 responses

  1. Blonde Ambition along with Who’s That Girl? and Drowned World need a proper release. Madonna is an Amazing and Incredible live performer, so these concerts would be essential for any fan that missed her the first time out! Madonna Forever!

  2. Someone asked her recently when shes gonna release it on dvd and she said when she can find the tapes in the archives. This isn’t good news. They’ve been looking since 2011. Sony lost the masters from the Wembley stop on Michael Jacksons “Bad” tour. NASA taped over the moon landing master to save money. Humans are quite retarded when it comes to preserving items of cultural/historic significance. These places need to have people with aspergers & ocd in charge of the archives to make sure this stuff is preserved properly, instead of hiring people who interview well.

    Or perhaps Warner Bros. is lying to Madonna about not being able to find the masters because they are still sour grapes she left them for Live Nation.

    How about using the Alek Keshishian footage from the Paris show from Truth or Dare that was shot in 35mm? She’d have to pay Miramax a ton of $$$ but it would be so worth it. It would be widescreen HD. That might be the only way it’s ever going to happen if the masters were really lost by WB.

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