Today In Madonna History: February 24, 1996

bullfight-take-a-bow-youll-see-madonna-1 bullfight-take-a-bow-youll-see-madonna-2 bullfight-take-a-bow-youll-see-madonna-3 bullfight-take-a-bow-youll-see-madonna-4

On February 24 1996, Madonna was at the centre of a controversy when animal-rights group PETA placed a full-page ad in Billboard magazine as an attack on her for promoting bullfighting in the Take A Bow and You’ll See music videos.

I wonder how they feel about the Living For Love music video?

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  1. People don´t realize tht all bovines are for killing. All of them. Normal bulls automatically go to the slaughterhouse at the age of three or four. Charging bulls used in bullfights, like those bred by the Miura family, get to live up to four to six years. And btw, slaughterhouses don´t act better to the slaughter-appointed animals. They keep them waiting for hours in the workplace among the bloody body parts of their predecessors, then mostly don´t even stun them, lift them up by their feet and cut their throat, butcher them alive or let their heads be squashed in giant machines. Nothing like that ever happens in bullfighting. The bull is done in 15 minutes, after one final blow between the shoulderblades and through the heart. The rule of corrida is the animal must not needlessly suffer. The art of the matador the toros (killer of bulls) is judged by their ability to kill swiftly and gracefully.

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