Today in Madonna History: May 10, 1997

On May 10 1997, Gary Barlow’s Love Won’t Wait hit #1 on the UK Singles chart. The track was the lead single from the former Take That singer’s debut solo album, Open Road.

The song was written by Madonna & Shep Pettibone during an early 1994 writing session for what would evolve into Madonna’s Bedtime Stories album.

After recording a handful of demos with Pettibone, Madonna decided to shift musical directions. While some of Madonna’s lyrics from the Pettibone sessions would be reworked into songs that would appear on Bedtime Stories, the excellent Love Won’t Wait remained shelved until it was submitted to Gary Barlow’s manager for consideration.

Strangely, Barlow’s single release credited only Shep Pettibone as the song’s writer, with no mention of Madonna or her publishing company, Webo Girl, Inc. This was subsequently corrected in the liner notes for Barlow’s album, Open Road, with both Madonna & Pettibone receiving credit.

Madonna’s soulfully delivered original demo version of Love Won’t Wait leaked online a few years after Barlow’s version was released.

2 responses

  1. What a different world we might live in had Madonna followed her original vision for what became the “Bedtime Stories” album. But along the way, she and Tupac Shakur fell in love, and something shifted. He was clearly influential in her decision to scrap all the Motown-themed tunes she and Shep Pettibone had written together and start from scratch. Behold! “Bedtime Stories” instead evolved into the greatest trip-hop album in pop music history!

  2. I’m Sorry, but Madonna went through a rough patch in the Nineties-Both Erotica and Bedtime Stories don’t hold a candle to her best work-Too much sex and not enough brilliance!

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