Today in Madonna History: December 27, 1986

On December 27 1986, RPM magazine published their list of the top charting singles of 1986 in Canada.

Here’s how Madonna’s singles stacked up in the year-end ranking:

  • Live To Tell – #2
  • Papa Don’t Preach – #13
  • True Blue – #37

A stark departure from her earlier pop hits, Live To Tell was initially considered by her record label to be a risky choice for a single. Its success showed that programmers were willing to give Madonna some room to grow on radio.

2 responses

  1. Brilliant and beautiful Metal/Rock ballad Live to Tell changed Madonna’s life and mine too-because it made a case for Madonna as a legitimate Rock act!-according to rock critics Dave Marsh, Rob Sheffield and Edna Gundersen-their lives were changed by Madonna as well.

  2. live to tell is a masterpiece and honestly deserved an oscar nomination the current pop crowd gets nominated with subpar records based on their supposed popularity madonna broke down all of the barriers for today’s wannabe pop stars live to tell and papa don’t preach this many years later still remain among the best pop records of all time

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