Today in Madonna History: November 7, 1998

On November 7 1998, The Power of Good-Bye advanced one position to #13 in what would be its final bulleted week on the Billboard Hot 100 in the U.S. The single would nonetheless manage to sneak its way up to #11 on November 28th, sans bullet. It is worth noting that one of the most significant changes to eligibility rules in the Hot 100’s history at the time took effect during the single’s initially rapid ascent, causing an immediate rush of non-commercially released radio hits to storm the chart and seemingly disrupt the ballad’s momentum.

A decision by Warner Bros. to withhold a maxi-single release for The Power Of Good-Bye in the U.S., compounded by the lack of any non-album content on the standard single despite earlier reports, suggests that the changes to the Hot 100 may have created a larger ripple than Warner had anticipated. Including the Oprah performance of Little Star, as previously reported in Billboard, or even the Dallas Austin remix of The Power Of Good-Bye on the b-side certainly would have given fans more incentive to pick up the 2-track single in the U.S.

It’s difficult to fully frown on Warner Bros.’s seemingly uncontainable enthusiasm for the brilliant remixes of Ray Of Light‘s fourth single, Nothing Really Matters, despite the highly unconventional timing of servicing them to clubs six months ahead of their commercial release.

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  1. Madonna is a talented woman, no question, but in reality world she is the worst role model as far as a woman being accepting of herself, but instead society laughs at her not with her, it is not a surprise that people love to watch a train wreck, as tragic as this all too common sight of watching famous people self destruct is, society promotes it! But as this aging woman lies to herself about her age and “tries” to fool the public by screwing men young enough to be her grandchild and constant surgeries, well , it’s just sad and I feel sorry for her kids, her oldest daughter looks like a poster kid for what narcissistic parents do to their kids.

  2. Madonnas looks today compared to what she should/ could look like is so sad, the poor thing keeps grasping at delusional images of herself and people keep laughing at her and she interprets that as flattery, why can’t people just be real and honest and tell she doesn’t to do that crap…just turn away Madonna and go be a mother, probably soon to be grandma, you are in la la land woman!

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