Today in Madonna History: October 17, 2009

celebration-mug-1 celebration-mug-3 celebration-mug-2

On October 17 2009, Madonna’s Celebration collection debuted at #7 on the Billboard Top 200 with sales of 72,000 in USA.

Eric Henderson of Slant Magazine gave the compilation four out of five stars and commented that “functionally, what Madonna and fans are really celebrating with the release of Celebration is the hard proof that Madonna’s back catalogue is now so immense and so varied that she can release a behemoth, two-disc greatest hits package that shoehorns in 36 songs and still manages to significantly short-change the singer’s legacy.”

Are there songs that are missing from this collection? Are there songs that do not belong on Celebration? Share your thoughts..

7 responses

  1. I would definitely add “True Blue,” maybe replace “Miles Away.”

    Too bad “Bitch, I’m Madonna” came along a few years later…that would’ve been the perfect title for this career-spanning greatest hit collection.

  2. I’ll Remember, This Used To Be My Playground, Human Nature, deeper and deeper, nothing really matters, American pie… all were much bigger hits internationally than Everybody and Miles Away. Also Revolver was pointless

  3. “Broken,” the other new song co-produced by Paul Oakenfold along with “Celebration,” is an amazing club banger in its own right that failed to make the final cut. All I can say about the rest of the compilation is that the sadly truncated cuts make me glad I have all the original versions of these songs to listen to instead.

    • “Broken” is an amazing song. I thought it was so much stronger than “Celebration” and “Revolver.” I always thought “Celebration” would’ve been a hit in the early 90’s. It sounded very retro in the late 00’s, which is a nice way of saying dated. LOL

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