Today in Madonna History: July 26, 2003

On July 26 2003, Hollywood hit #1 on Billboard’s Hot Maxi-Single Sales chart (renamed Hot Dance Sales), where it would spend an incredible seven weeks.

After an initial five-week run at the top, the single began its descent only to return to #1 for an additional two weeks following Madonna’s performance of Hollywood/Like A Virgin at the MTV Video Music Awards, which incorporated Stuart Price’s remix of Hollywood (released under one of his many pseudonyms, Jacques Lu Cont) and spurred renewed interest in the maxi-single.

5 responses

  1. IMO, the best cut off the highly under-rated “American Life” album. Unfortunately, M lost a lawsuit filed by the estate of renowned photographer Guy Bourdin, claiming she had violated copyright by “stealing” his imagery for the “Hollywood” video. I would call it an “homage.”

  2. Hollywood-a dancier, catchier and hookier update of the Eagles classic Hotel California-Madonna is angry and enraged in this song! You can check out anytime you like but you can never leave!

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