Today in Madonna History: July 3, 2006

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On July 3 2006, Madonna performed her Confessions Tour at Madison Square Gardens.

It was the last of four SOLD OUT shows at the Gardens (June 28, 29 July 2 and 3). In total Madonna performed in front of 91,841 fans in New York, generating $16,507,855 in ticket sales.

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  1. Even though it never came to Wizard Capital One-Bush 2 was POTUS at the time-Madonna was never a fan of Bush 2-I have fond memories of the Confessions Tour-what with the best ever performance of Live to Tell, her improving and burgeoning guitar prowess and the live debut of Hung Up. All in all, it was a great time for me to be a Madonna Fan! I still am today!

      • So late again! Sorry AJ. Hmm. My fave part of CT? Live to tell was great. The dramatic visual with M’s vocals were tops for me. Another great part was the inclusion of You thrill me being in Erotica. Cool that she would perform an unreleased song on a major tour. That tour was amazing! Hope you are doing well AJ!

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