Today in Madonna History: May 6, 1996

On May 6 1996, dance remixes of Love Don’t Live Here Anymore by Markus Schulz & C.L. McSpadden were released to clubs by Maverick Records on promotional twelve-inch vinyl & CD in the U.S.

Additional club remixes of the track by Mark Picchiotti were also issued in the U.K. as a twelve-inch white-label promo.

2 responses

  1. For Madonna, onlooking Rock Critics and an adoring fan base, love does live here-in her heart and in our hearts-in the end, her rendition of Love Don’t Live Here Anymore was and is a potent reminder that Madonna can sing-she has a beautiful voice! Ballads are what she does best!

  2. Her older remixes are so much better than the new ones. Hopefully her new dance remix record has some good mixes

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