Today in Madonna History: April 22, 1995

On April 22 1995, Bedtime Story debuted at number 72 on the US Billboard Hot 100, on the issue dated April 22, 1995. One week later, the song peaked at number 42, becoming the first Madonna single since Burning Up (1983) to miss the top 40.

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  1. I was shocked when I saw “Bedtime Story” was released as a single. I don’t think I ever heard it on the radio back in 1995, or since. And as incredible as the video is, I don’t remember seeing it pop up on MTV–at least not like “I’ll Remember,” “Secret,” and especially “Take a Bow” did back then. I’ve always wondered if “Human Nature” would’ve been a stronger follow-up to “Take a Bow.”

    • Agreed. For me personally…the whole BS album was just meh. I know a lot of people love it and that’s great. I just didn’t care for much of it. Of course there are gems…

  2. “Bedtime Story” was poorly promoted and ultimately too experimental for the mainstream masses. But it presaged one of the most creatively adventurous periods in Madonna’s career, which was her venture into tripped out electronica beginning with the “Ray of Light” album.

  3. The Sex era reached a low point with Bedtime Story-in which Madonna confesses-“And inside/We’re all still wet!/Longing and yearning/How can I explain how I feel?”-you can almost hear Madonna’s loss of confidence as she cried in sadness and tears. The Sexploits wouldn’t end until the unleash of Ray of Light in 1998.

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