Today in Madonna History: April 7, 1990

On April 7 1990, Madonna’s Vogue single was briefly reviewed in Billboard magazine.

Vogue’s early release to radio and the addition of its music video to MTV’s playlist were also noted in the same issue.

4 responses

  1. This release was major. Some records don’t even need the promotion they are that good they promote themselves. Sheps track still percolates like no other the video is one of the greatest of all time Madonna certainly ruled the planet upon this release. Timeless!

  2. I think the only two memorable songs from that April 7 release date are “Vogue” by M and “Enjoy the Silence” by Depeche Mode. All the other songs released April 7, 1990 have faded into oblivion!! Madge kicked off the 1990’s Voguing and ended the 1990’s with a Beautiful Stranger!

  3. Great time to be a Madonna fan! I remember all of this. Vogue was an instant hit and geared everyone up for the then rumored tour to come. Stood in line for the BA tour in Dallas at the Ticketfuckers main hub all night only to get upper balcony for the first show. Still great times!

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