Today In Madonna History: March 1, 1995

madonna-versace-1995-0 madonna-versace-1995-1 madonna-versace-1995-2 madonna-versace-1995-3 madonna-versace-1995-4 madonna-versace-1995-5 madonna-versace-1995-7 madonna-versace-1995-8 madonna-versace-1995-9

On March 1 1995, Madonna began to appear in a series of promotional ad campaigns in various North American magazines for Gianni Versace fashions. Photographs by Steven Meisel.

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  1. I’ve always loved this campaign. It’s got so much glamour and humor. The poison apple pose with her stretched out across the steps has got to be one of my favorite photos of her. And I love the one where she’s sitting at the table listening so attentively to that Great Dane. The expression on her face is so caring, like she’s really counseling that dog. And then the one where she’s golfing in that evening gown. That’s just hilarious. LOL

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