Today In Madonna History: February 11, 1993

bad-girl-madonna-video-1 bad-girl-madonna-video-2 bad-girl-madonna-video-3 bad-girl-video-madonna-4 bad-girl-video-madonna-5 bad-girl-video-madonna-6

On February 11 1993, Madonna’s Bad Girl video premiered on MTV. The video was directed by David Fincher.

4 responses

  1. An absolute cinematic beauty. David fincher outdid himself with this direction. Madonna looked on point throughout this video which was outstanding and of course deserved multiple awards but barely got Nominations.

  2. This song is one of Madonna’s most underrated songs! It should’ve hit the top 10! This song reminds me of the Winter of 93 when the “Storm of the Century” slammed the East Coast from Canada all the way down to Cuba. We got the blizzard and i stayed inside listening over and over to the maxi single and mixes of Fever and Bad Girl! David Fincher always directed some of her best vids.

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