Today in Madonna History: December 4, 1987

On December 4 1987, Madonna filed for divorce from Sean Penn in Los Angeles County Superior Court, California. Twelve days later, Madonna withdrew the divorce papers and the couple stayed together until January 5 1989, when Madonna filed new divorce papers citing “irreconcilable differences”.

Jay’s Note: I often wondered why Madonna released You Can Dance with so little promotion behind it (You Can Dance was released November 17/1987). Understanding that her personal life was falling apart at the time, it makes sense that she wouldn’t have been concerned with releasing singles or filming music videos to promote the remix collection.

I also found this quote from her about You Can Dance:

“I don’t know that I like it, people screwing with my records, remixing them. The jury is out on it for me. But the fans like it, and really, this one was for the fans, for the kids in the clubs who like these songs and wanted to hear them in a new, fresh way.”

2 responses

  1. Firstly, I’d love to see Madge and Sean get back together one day. He is the love of her life, and i don’t think she’s all that happy now for some reason. Secondly, I remember Madge making that comment at the time about the remixes, but in time came to love the mixe. Nearly 20 years later Confessions was released. I think at the time, it was a new concept and once Madonna did it other artists foĺlowed suit and released their remix albums. I remember Paula Abduls, “Shut up and Dance”, and it was so similar to “You can Dance” is uncanny. Lastly, I believe Madge just took some time off because of the tour, her personal life and etc. The record company wanted her to film a video for Spotlight the only single from the remix album, and shoot a video for the 3rd single from “Who’s that Girl?. Instead, just clips were shown from the film for The Look of Love. She next went to Japan and began filming commercials for Mitsubishi and spent most of 1988 working on Like a Prayer with Pat, Steve and Prince. She was also in her second stage performance Speed the Plow.

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