Today in Madonna History: August 14, 2012

On August 14 2012, Madonna appeared on the cover of Russian Hello magazine.

2 responses

  1. MDNA contains some uncut gems by Madonna’s own high standards-among them escape anthem Turn Up the Radio, Masterpiece, Falling Free, I Freaked Up and coda finale Best Friend.

  2. MDNA is such an under rated record. The lead single should’ve been Masterpiece as it had radio play in December 2011 followed by I’m Addicted, Girl Gone Wild, Turn up the Radio, and I’m a Sinner or Love Spent or Some Girls. GMAYL was a catchy feel good tune, however, it is mostly forgotten and could have served as the B side to I’m Addicted. I remember them playing GMAYL on the radio so much that winter, while Masterpiece received some airplay

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