Today in Madonna History: June 29, 1985


On June 29 1985, Madonna’s Angel/Into the Groove single hit #5 in the USA.

5 responses

  1. I always wondered why the North American release never included Into the Groove on the album Like a Virgin. When i was in London i bought the European Like a Virgin. Into the Groove is the sixth track, but the lyrics weren’t on the booklet like the other tracks. Is probably one of her most recognized songs ever!

  2. Had Into the Groove been properly released as a single in the U.S. it would have been #1 for weeks. It was the most requested song of the summer of 1985.

  3. It’s funny how “Into the Groove” completely overshadowed “Angel.” I remember hearing “Into the Groove” on the radio and watching the video on MTV, both in constant rotation during the spring and summer of ’85. I don’t remember ever hearing “Angel” played and I often forget that it was even a single. It’s not a bad song, but it’s just kind of forgotten.

    I wonder why Sire didn’t re-release the Like a Virgin album in the US to include “Into the Groove.” That surely would’ve ignited another huge sales wave for the album, with a lot of fans buying a second copy.

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