Today in Madonna History: June 7, 1986

On June 7 1986, Madonna’s Live To Tell hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the USA, giving Madonna her third #1 single.

Written by Madonna and Patrick Leonard, Live To Tell was Madonna’s fourth soundtrack song in two years (Crazy For You, Into The Groove, Gambler & Live To Tell), and it was also the lead single from Madonna’s True Blue album.

What is your favourite Madonna soundtrack song?

5 responses

  1. My personal favorite is This “Used To Be My Playground”. I grew up living across the street from the elementary school that I attend. Around 13 years ago, the school remodeled, added-on where the neighborhood kids would play. This was my first Facebook post.

  2. Her soundtrack songs are among her best. I hope she does more, but my favourites are 1. Masterpiece, 2. The Look of Love, 3. I’ll Remember and 4. You must Love Me. Supposedly she wrote another song for Desperately Seeking Susan called Desperately Seeking Susan and Vision Quest called Warning Signs. I’d like to hear them. There’s a page on Wikipedia Unreleased Madonna Songs that talks of these hidden gems, and there are many.

  3. Into the Groove always! Live to Tell is a very close second. Crazy for you, Look of Love, I’ll Remember. Evita doesn’t count for me as it was all music. Neither does I’m Breathless. Too many good tracks to push in

  4. Live to tell is a masterwork an absolute beauty also loved this used to be my playground and I’ll remember !Madonna should have won an Oscar for one of those. Madonna has had some great records for films ballads and dance tracks that is for sure

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