Today in Madonna History: March 9, 1999


On March 9 1999, the concert film for Madonna’s Who’s That Girl World Tour, Ciao Italia, was released on DVD.

Dennis Hunt from the Los Angeles Times gave Ciao Italia a positive review:

“A festive Italian stadium show featuring the Material Girl, who’s turned into a first-rate entertainer, strutting and singing in flashy production-number renditions of her most recent Billboard topping songs, is indeed a delight. The video captures the enormity of Madonna as a performer, and her theatrics, oomph and chutzpah.”

3 responses

  1. I use to hire this from our local video store back in ’89 to watch, that the Virgin Tour and the film Who’s that Girl? which is 100% underrated. You could still find both in stores to buy but back in the ’80s $35-$40 was a lot, hell, that’s even a lot to now for a dvd.

  2. This was such a fun concert. I saw it live in Dallas and the Madonna-mania in 1987 was off the charts. I remember my high school yearbook had a whole page dedicated to her back then. 🙂

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