Today in Madonna History: February 18, 2015


On February 18 2015, Madonna thanked her fans on Twitter for bombarding BBC Radio One to play her new single, Living For Love, despite the radio station’s refusal to play Madonna’s music because of her age.

It’s terribly concerning and sad that an industry that milked Madonna’s music for decades would turn its back on her because of age. 

Growing older is inevitable — and being young and quality of music do not always go hand in hand — so why discriminate  based on age? 

Forget about Madonna for a second — she’s had an incredible career — but what about the artists who develop their talent later in life? Think about all the artists whom will never be heard.

I’ll take a Tina Turner over another Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato — ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.

The rules are changing and we need to remember the artists that created the soundtrack for our lives — they weren’t always 25. They were 40 and 50 and 60 and beyond. They weren’t always blonde and cute — they were raunchy and haggard and crazy looking and fucked up. Only Disney can produce the pretty – virgin-like, powder coated princesses.  

The real musicians came out hard and loud and proud .. with balls. You’ve gotta love balls!

Now think about Madonna again — why should she be be muted because she’s already had an incredible career? Why can’t that career continue? Someone or some conglomerate is writing the end of her radio career — without the involvement of music fans or radio listeners. Some guy or a board of guys has decided that she can’t have another Top 10, or Top 5 or #1 single because they say so. 

Fuck them.  FUCK THEM!

Will Madonna’s music ever find a home on the radio again? – Jay


5 responses

  1. age, the press pushes the buttons, the artists call the agent, the agent calls the paparazzi, the stars feign shock, while posing on the steps, and so it goes, still Madonna has the star in her, lets hope she matures into a good wine in the barrel, amen

  2. We all get old. Who cares how old someone is? Unless they are narcissistic scum like the BBC and American Radio. This new shit played today sucks. Ha! They will be old soon with their saggy tattoos.

  3. But also, being real, madonnas voice sounds old and strained (and auto tuned to death) in anything from rebel heart onwards. And that’s on the recorded versions. Live is even worse. Living for love and ghost town would be great pop songs with a younger voice singing them. I say that as a lifelong fan. I find them unappealing sonically mostly because of the tone of her voice. I kinda get where radio is coming from.

  4. If Madonna had died early (like in the 2005 fall from her horse) radio stations and the media would still be crying about the great loss that her career was cut short and what a shame it was that there wasn’t new Madonna music coming out. I bet there would have even been a critical re-evaluation of her movies. But we live in a reality in which we are fortunate to still have her around and still recording and performing, and she’s mocked and devalued for growing older.

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