Today in Madonna History: December 19, 1990

breathless-promo-quote-600 breathless-promo-red-1-600

On December 19 1990, the film Dick Tracy was released on home video.

Here’s a video I put together for one of our favorite songs from the film, Stephen Sondheim’s More.

3 responses

  1. Dick Tracy is one of my favorite films and Madonna was brilliant as Breathless Mahoney and on I’m Breathless-Madonna at her most glamourous, fun and stylish!-and More is a brilliant Madonna tune-and does Sondheim proud-as if Madonna wrote it herself!!

  2. Awesome video! Great job. I think “More” was my favorite track from that album, next to “Vogue” of course. ­čÖé

    I’ve always loved Dick Tracy and Madonna was perfectly cast. I wish the movie was more fondly remembered. Most people think it bombed because Disney expected it to make as much money as Batman a year earlier. Even though it made less money, it was still one of the Top 10 movies of 1990 and won several Academy Awards. The movie deserves more respect

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