Today in Madonna History: October 31, 1992

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By October 31 1992, Madonna’s Sex book had sold a record 500,000 copies in the USA.  The controversial coffee table book was released on October 21 1992.

Is yours wrapped or unwrapped?

3 responses

  1. Bought the day it came out! Unwrapped it of course. Was at the mall with my friend Donnie. People were gathering around to take a peak at it! Eventually had to close it up and walk away! I love the Sex book for what it was at the time. Groundbreaking and very daring for one of (if not) the biggest “Pop” act in the World. But the blow back was real and relentless. A harsh time to be a fan of the Queen. Much like now!

  2. I believe October 31st 1992 was the day Madonna performed at the limelight (NYC) for the annual Halloween party. Steven Meissen was there photographing people. Anyone has pictures from That night?

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