Today in Madonna History: September 17, 1998

madonna-henna_1 madonna-henna_2 Madonna At 1998 MTV Video Music Awards madonna-henna_4 madonna-henna_5 madonna-henna_6

On September 17 1998, Madonna released a statement against the World Vaisnava Association’s criticism of her Ray of Light/Shanti MTV performance: “The essence of purity and divinity is non-judgement… they should practice what they preach… if they’re so pure, why are they watching MTV?”

6 responses

  1. What was the criticism? Cultural appropriation? Fair crack. Had Madonna even been to India? Nup. But something new to sell for a minute, lol

    • Yeah that vocal performance was pretty damn bad. I don’t give a fuck about Cultural Appropriation. The lamest butthurt bullshit in a long time. I DO believe that Madonna was genuine in the ROL era. It’s later that she waffles.

  2. As I recall, the criticism was that you could see Madonna’s nipples through her wife beater on national television. Jealous haters who wish they had epic tits like Madonna’s.

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