Today In Madonna History: August 23, 2003

Hollywood CoverHollywood Inner SleeveHollywood Inner Sleeve 2

On August 23 2003, the Hollywood remixes hit number-one on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in the US. It was her 30th single to reach the top of the dance charts.

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  1. I like to believe that in some alternate reality, “Hollywood” was the lead single from the American Life album and American radio embraced it and her Top 10 hits continued for a few more years at least. The song really deserved to climb the Billboard HOT 100 chart.

  2. This was an amazing album. Hollywood the 3rd top ten single from American Life was on every radio station and show at that time. I remember dancing to it in France 🇫🇷. American Life the song, is definitely one of my favourites. Me against the Music came out as single not long after Hollywood then Nothing Fails was great in the Fall of 2003. She should’ve made a video for NF and Nobody knows Me.

    • She did make a video for “Nobody Knows Me,” It has her face morphing into faces of other people and there was controversy over a swastika appearing on someone’s forehead.

      • Oh that’s the really cool interlude drop from both Re-Invention Tour 2004 and Sweet and Sticky Tour 2008-09. Loved that!! She did the same for Paradise on the Music cd.

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