Today in Madonna History: August 1, 2020

On August 1 2020, Madonna paid tribute to Alan Parker (he died on July 31, 2020):

I was so sad to hear about the passing of Alan Parker. One of the greatest directors I’ve ever worked with—on the film Evita. He taught me so much, believed in me, pushed me to my limits and made an incredible film! Thank you! 📽♥️ -Madonna

2 responses

  1. We’re just lucky that it took 15 years to turn into film and Madonna pursued it since the 80s. By 1995 she was mature enough to play Eva. I don’t think they’d have chosen madonna during her Sex years so the more sultry Bedtime Stories approach helped.

    Madonna in the 90s can be divided into three periods: I. 1990-1993 (The Sexual Madonna) Erotica, Sex, Justify my Love. II. 1994-1997 (The Sultry Mature Madonna) Bedtime Stories and her maturity brought Evita and she learned she was expecting. III. 1998-1999 (Religious/Mysticism Madonna) By the late 1990s she had found Kaballah and thia showed in her Ray Of Light album thus making her album the best since Like a Prayer. This era lasted until 2000 when she changed yet again. 90s and 00s Madonna is my fav

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