Today in Madonna History: July 24, 1989

On July 24 1989, Express Yourself spent the first of two weeks at #1 on the Canadian Top 100 Singles chart published by RPM.

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      • Ha! Martika. I was so much more interested in the alternative music scene by that time. But, I still LOVED Madonna. I’ll forgive Martika for her innocent chart indiscretions. Hope she is well! And EY has become a classic among woman and gay men. So time tells a different story!

        Hi my friend!

      • And so I googled her. Turns out she’s been retired for decades. She did put out some music online over the years but not mainstream release. It was said she didn’t want to bother and left fame-chasing to her peers, presumably referring to Madonna. 🙂

      • Well Madonna was certainly not a “peer” for Martika. I think she was on some kids show before Toy Soldiers. Maybe that is who she was referring to. Who knows. Hope she’s doing well. Hope you are too 🙂

      • Hahaha right, Madonna was the most famous woman in the planet by then. She was…and is still…peerless. I just hope she thinks twice before posting on Instagram though. 🙂 I’m good, thanks. Be well too, my friend.

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