Today in Madonna History: June 21, 1993

rain_video-1 rain_video-2 rain_video-3 rain_video-4 rain_video-5 rain_video-7 rain_video-8 rain_video-10 rain_video-11

On June 21 1993, Madonna’s Rain video premiered on MTV.  The video was directed by Mark Romanek, and filmed from May 16 – 19 at an airport hanger in Santa Monica, California.  Romanek and Madonna set the video to look like Ryuichi Sakamoto was directing it, giving it a backstage feel. It was entirely shot in black and white and then hand-painted with blue tones.

It’s strange
I feel like I’ve known you before
I want to understand you
More and more
And more
When I’m with you
I feel like a magical child
Everything is strange
Everything is wild

2 responses

  1. This video and I’ll Remember are so similar. On the video compilation they are back to back. I love the single she released after Rain in fall 1993 called Bye Bye Baby. I am not sure why this video gets overlooked because they used the footage of the MTV awards in 1993. She released a vkdeo for every single release on Erotica. I always wondered why she didn’t included This used to be my Playground on Erotica, but i guess it didn’t fit the theme, but she could’ve included I’ll Remember on Bedtime Stories since it was a ballad and well done.

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