Today in Madonna History: May 14, 1990


On May 15 1990, Brenda Lee was quoted in the LA Times, talking about how Madonna got her involved in the Dick Tracy soundtrack:

“Madonna asked specifically that I sing the songs–which are brand-new numbers. I had no idea she was a fan of my singing, but I’m delighted she is.”

Brenda recorded two songs for Dick Tracy, but only one made the final cut: You’re in the Doghouse Now, written by Ned Clafin, Mike Kernan, Jeff Lass and Andy Paley.

Brenda is best known for Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree (recorded when she was just 13).

2 responses

  1. Every so often I play I’m Breathless,a Madonna artwork that makes me happy!-Vogue is a happy and friendly Madonna smile that flashed around the world! 30 years later it still does!

  2. Everyone always says that I’m Breathless is a soundtrack well it isn’t. The soundtrack is pictured above with the Brenda Lee song and many others. I’m Breathless Madonna’s 5th studio album just has three songs that appear in the film, and on her album “Sooner or Later”, “More”, and “What Can You Lose”. The other nine songs are also hers so it is NOT a soundtrack. The real title is called: I’m Breathless (Music from and Inspired by the film Dick Tracy) and it was released on May 22, 1990. I remember going to the record store after school that day and purchasing it. My friend and I were like 10 and we were psyched. Dick Tracy also has it’s own score also available on CD. So to all these idiots I’m Breathless is her 5th studio album, and first of the 1990s. It even said that on the CD long box it came in. Vogue, actually was like the finale of jazz record and a great way to end the album by paying homage to the Golden Age of Hollywood!

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