Today in Madonna History: April 16, 2003

al-flag-video-1 al-flag-video-2 al-flag-video-3 al-flag-video-4 al-flag-video-5 al-flag-video-6

On April 16 2003, Madonna released an edited version of the American Life video on VH-1.

The edited version (also called the “flag” version) featured Madonna singing in front of a backdrop of ever-changing flags of different countries.

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  1. This song was amazing!! This album was pure genius!! It is so underrated, and just because she’s a celebrity doesn’t mean she can’t Express her feelings about war and politics. There was so much more about this album than that of course, it was about “I have it all and do I appreciate it? Do I want more?” Nothing Fails Fails should’ve been a number 1, but Republican owned media have destroyed her career in the USA. Hateful party imo!

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