Today in Madonna History: March 23, 1996


On March 23 1996, Madonna’s One More Chance single entered the UK singles chart at number 11. It dropped to number 29 in its second week.

How high do you think One More Chance would have charted if it had a proper music video and single treatment? 

3 responses

  1. To put it plainly, simply and fairly-acoustic rock ballad One More Chance was a victory and a triumph for Madonna-she did something new at the time for her-she mastered the unplugged format and she did it beautifully! One of my all time faves by Madonna-One More Chance is a lovely and beautiful song!

  2. Warner began screwing her career by releasing singles late like Nothing Really Matters or not shooting videos for great songs in the mid to late 90s. We know Madonna was filming Evita, but they could’ve done another video like they did for LDLHA. Speaking of singles, she needs to release mixes of God Control for her new album Madame X so she’ll have another #1 dance single.

  3. Considering 1996 and what was going on in the mainstream radio world I think One More Chance would have done fairly well. Not a smash hit but top 10. It was the time of faux alternative singer/songwriter female acts. Fiona Apple, Jewel, Alanis, but Madonna was still recovering from Erotica/Sex backlash.

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