Today in Madonna History: January 24, 2017

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On January 24 2017, Rhino re-released Madonna’s The Immaculate Collection (her first greatest hits collection) on double vinyl in the USA and Canada as part of their Start Your Ear Off Right campaign. The collection was released on blue/white and gold vinyl and limited to 6,500 copies.

The re-release included the following (same track listing as the original release):

Side A:

  • Holiday
  • Lucky Star
  • Borderline
  • Like A Virgin

Side B:

  • Material Girl
  • Crazy For You
  • Into The Groove
  • Live To Tell

Side C:

  • Papa Don’t Preach
  • Open Your Heart
  • La Isla Bonita
  • Like A Prayer

Side D:

  • Express Yourself
  • Cherish
  • Vogue
  • Justify My Love
  • Rescue Me


4 responses

  1. The Immaculate Collection was every fans dream in the early 1990s. I loved Justify my Love in Q Sound. Q Sound was huge back then. Fast Foward to GHV2 eleven years later which everyone thought would’ve had 2 new songs. That was a huge mistake on Warners behalf. They could’ve easily got two song from the vault like An angel passing through my Room left off of Music and maybe a song left from Ray of Light. Even Impressive Instant remixed would’ve been a good choice, but nada. Just 15 of her best hits from Erotica up to Music. I think Bad Girl, and the remix of Fever should’ve been included as well as the fast versjon of Bedtime Story she performed at the Brit Awards. I guess her next greatest hits will include songs from the interscope years. Masterpiece, GMAYL, Girl gone Wild, Turn up the Radio, I’m Addicted, Living for love, Ghost town, Devil pray, Bitch I’m Madonna, Medellín, God Control, Dark Ballet, Crave, I Rise, IDSIF, Future and maybe a couple newbies?!? Maybe a few songs left off!! I think after the GH for Interscope she will become more reclusive.

  2. I love this album! Was there a vinyl release in 1990? Seems vinyl had all but vanished by then. It also seems like they could’ve squeezed three more songs on the vinyl. Maybe “Dress You Up,” “True Blue,” and “Who’s That Girl?”

    • Yes, it came out on double vinyl in 1990, although it seemed like only a limited number of copies were pressed as I only saw it in stores when the album first hit the shelves. The Justify My Love maxi-single was actually the last 12″ single to be pressed on vinyl by Warner Canada.

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